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Energy Work uses light touch energy such as Reiki and Hands on energy.

Fran's combination of Intuitive Healing skills determine what your body wants and needs to restore and re-balance, thus, no two sessions are alike.

Your session will integrate the specific therapies you need to attain perfect balance in all areas--physical, mental, sexual, emotional, and spiritual.

Sessions may be done in person or over the telephone, so time and distance need not interfere . . .
Fran offers distant healing/phone sessions by phone/Skype for virtually anyone in the world! Her clients prove that the effect of the healing is as powerful as the physical session. You can also give a session as a gift for someone who needs healing.

Energize and jump start your body's natural healing desires by scheduling an appointment with Fran today!

***We accept credit cards for in person appointments or you can use PayPal for long distance or phone sessions.

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