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Please take a moment to learn about some of our special friends and the unique experiences they each offer.

Terra Dyer Gill ~ 

Transformational Energy Restorative Ritual Arts (TERRA) Founder & Practitioner: Integrating Expressive Arts Energy Medicine, Ancestral Divination, Shamanic Healing, and Somatic Ecotherapy.

Registered Expressive Arts Consultant Educator (REACE)

Ecotherapy Practitioner

Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner

Reiki Master, Teacher/Trainer

Ancestral Renewal & Communication (ARC) Initiate & Healing Practitioner

PranaShakti Dance, Somatic Movement Instructor


Everyday Emotional Health

Sherry Mannino, CECP, CBCP

Sherry Mannino is an Emotion Code and Body Code certified practitioner who is passionate about assisting and empowering her clients across the globe. In combination with the Emotion Code and Body Code methods, Sherry uses many other types of wellness protocols. The usage of multiple healing tools allows for Sherry to holistically narrow into deep-rooted issues that are causing everyday discomforts within her clients.

Jonathan Teel - The Heart Intuitive 

Holistic Transformation for Adults, Couples, & Youth using Masters Level Training in Reiki, the wisdom and abilities of his higher self, Ascended Masters Support, and authentic love and listening to help clients transform themselves into who they want to be in mind, body, heart, and soul. Jonathan is adept at clearing and opening for the Heart Chakra as well.

Email at 

Bob Brown  

Healing sessions incorporating shamanic techniques, sound, massage and movement. Contact: 720-441-7403 or

Csongor Daniel

Biotherapist, Healer, Author, Speaker, Wellness Coach and much more.

Jessie Shippy

Have you ever wondered whether you have a Spirit Guide, or what your guide might look like? Then you'll want to have a "Spirit Guide Drawing" with Jessie. 

New Hope Chiropractic And Massage

3440 Conway Blvd. Unit 3B

Port Charlotte, FL 33952


The massage therapists also have some other specialties such as reflexology, trigger point, cranial-sacral, or lymphatic drainage besides massage. Call to talk to Trudy to point you in the right direction.

Nicole Noles Collins

Acupuncture Physician specializing in Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Tuning Fork Therapy, and Feng Shui

3440 Conway Blvd. Unit 1D

Port Charlotte FL 33952



Richard Shulman

Music for meditation, inspiration, healing, and enlightenment.

Share The Blessings Ministry

Neighbors helping neighbors in Charlotte County, Florida.

Steele Rehab

Provider of Independent Speech Language Pathology Services to the adult and geriatric population in Charlotte County, Florida. Services are provided to patient’s in the home and/or most functional setting possible.

William Ward

Ocean of Sound Crystal and Tibetan Bowls, Private or group sessions available. 516-220-4787

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