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T.H.E. Technique® and Spiritual 

Energy Healing Level I Workshop

Date: Coming Soon

The first part of T.H.E. Technique (Transformative Healing Energies) will be taught by Fran. Preregistration is required, as well as prior training in energy healing (e.g., Reiki, Healing Touch, Quantum Healing, shamanic healers, etc.)

*Previous students of T.H.E. technique are welcome to review the class. Fee for reviewing the course is $100.

Call Fran at 941.391.6241 for more information.

T.H.E. Technique® was developed by Frances M. Kowalczyk, M.ED, LMT, Ordained Minister, MA #33466

Workshop Testimonials . . .

Fran's class was great! I liked the way we were able to break down the different steps by first reviewing in the book and then actually doing each step hands on. I am able to retain the information faster that way! I don't think I have any additions since I feel it was taught in a way it made sense to me!

I already practiced on my 13-year-old son who had great energy after I used T.H.E. Technique. I also used it on my husband who still isn't sure any of this energy stuff works. His knee was really hurting him the entire day. I only worked on him for about 30 minutes or so (he fell asleep) and then after I was finished, he actually thanked me (that never happens) and said his knee didn't hurt anymore! Usually I have to pry things out of him to see if he feels better.

I really resonate with T.H.E. Technique, it's an amazing tool so thank you again Fran for sharing your wonderful creation with us! -- Mo


Hi Fran,

Just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the first T.H.E. technique class. Honestly, I was not sure what to expect from the class because as a client of yours I have always been mesmorized by how accurate you are during a session. My fascination with your ability to balance & heal the body is what peaked my interest in learning your technique.

Needless to say, I was not disappointed in the class. It was highly organized and presented in a methodical & easy to follow manner. The information presented followed along precisely with the printed materials which made it easy to understand. The notebook is a great reference as I begin my practice of the T.H.E. technique. It was a lot of information to absorb but thanks to the easy -to- follow notebook as a reference and learning tool, I feel I will be able to master the technique in no time. Of course, hands on practice is my next step. My hope is to incorporate this technique along with Reiki & massage therapy as my next career step as a healer.

Thank you again Fran. I appreciate you and Linda's efforts in putting together this most fascinating program!

Many Blessings,

Sandy R., B.S.,ARRT(R)(T)(M)(QM)

Reiki Master


Hi Fran,

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the T.H.E. Technique and Spiritual Healing Workshop. It was awesome! I learned so much and it was great to have Linda there helping too. The hands-on training was really the best way to learn and by Sunday, I was really starting to "get it". Also, all the bonus material in the back of the book about food allergies and ways to raise your vibration etc. is very useful.

You have so much knowledge on so many different topics and I thank you so much for sharing. I'm looking forward to many more classes with you. -- Janet M.


Fran, attending the workshop for T.H.E. Technique was a truly liberating experience. Even though I will need to practice a good deal before I become proficient at T.H.E. Technique, I now have the tools necessary to systematically balancing the energies of my body. I already had Reiki experience and was unsure of how the two techniques differed; after learning T.H.E. Technique, I've gained an appreciation for how distinct, yet complimentary, these energy therapies are to one another. Reiki relies a great deal on intuition, in my opinion, but T.H.E. technique follows a structured protocol to balancing energy (which makes it more cerebral in nature).

I believe that T.H.E. Technique serves as a powerful (and possibly superior) foundation to those more intuition-based modalities. Having learned T.H.E. Technique, I feel more empowered than ever with regard to my personal healing capabilities, and that is a very invaluable gift! I'm really looking forward to utilizing my new skill set to help balance the energies of my family and friends, too!

Thank you for a very powerful weekend!!! --Cheryl


  Fran has been working her "magic" on me for years as a patient with such positive results. So when she opened up her teachings on T.H.E. Technique, I was at the front of the line to learn this AMAZING healing modality which she created. I have experienced first hand the power of T.H.E. Technique and how it enables a body to overcome AND prevent - not only dis-ease, but other aspects within the human body from a holistic approach. What makes it unique is the total treatment clearing down to the cellular level....energetically connecting, balancing and realigning mind, body and soul. Her class was truly one of the BEST investments I have ever made!

Not only have I benefited in numerous ways by learning T.H.E. Technique, but so have my family/friends. I HIGHLY recommend taking the class to learn T.H.E Technique for yourself and to share it with others. I am certain of the impact it has made in my life and equally as sure of what it can do collectively - so I hope to help in spreading the word. Fran's intention is to reach as many people as she can possibly help in developing and now teaching her awe inspiring technique. I consider myself truly blessed to be one of the countless number of people touched by her talent and gifts. Now everyone has the opportunity to have better health, balance and well-being through use of T.H.E. Technique and I can't imagine a reason why not to learn it and share it. --Chris


I recently took Fran’s workshop on “T.H.E. Technique” This workshop was the greatest. It showed me how to communicate with myself for self-healing and also with others. It guides you step by step to what you or others need. This is a tool that I will use frequently. Anyone can do this! -- Donna


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