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T.H.E. Technique®

Transformative Healing


T.H.E. Technique® is more than Healing,

it's prevention.

Energy Work and More....

       Energy in perfect balance creates radiant health, joy and spiritual peace. T.H.E. Technique ® was created to give your body a helping hand to attain and maintain that perfect balance. Fran's Intuitive Healing Therapy uses a gentle form of kinesiology to determine what your body wants and needs to restore and re-balance harmonious energy, thus no two sessions are alike.

       Your session will integrate the specific therapies you need to attain perfect balance in all areas--physical, mental, sexual, emotional, and spiritual. Some commonly utilized practices are: assisting the body’s energetic communication amongst organs, glands, muscles, etc.; working to release emotional and/or environmental toxins, balancing the body’s natural energy channels (i.e., Chakras); and even discussing environmental factors that may interfere with personal wellness.

       Your body knows what it needs to re-balance. By using intuitive healing energies to tune in to that need, Fran is not only able to help the body realign its innate energy system, but also help your body respond more quickly and easily to the treatment you receive from your other health care professionals.

       We can also help you recover from a physical, mental or spiritual crisis. T.H.E. Technique ® is not to diagnose, but to balance the energies in your body and spirit to promote natural healing. Treatment may be done in person or over the telephone, so time and distance need not interfere.



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