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Transition Assistance

Transition Assistance is a type of energy and soul work that helps one transition from the physical realm to their eternal resting place.

Helping a person on their journey from the physical realm to their spiritual resting place is a sacred and loving process that enables one to embrace the next state of being. The transition facilitator simultaneously helps strengthen the person's energy to help him or her embark on the soul's journey while, at the same time, offers peace of mind and comfort to loved ones remaining in the Earth's realm.

Transition Assistance is a method of arranging a sacred space that will allow a loving journey. This process involves critical energy work that prepares both the physical body and the soul. It is not a means to save one's body, but rather a means of helping one's soul energy let go of the physical realm with peace and tranquility of spirit and embrace the new realm.

Fees for Transition Assistance depends on travel and number of hours spent with the family and person transitioning.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to discuss such a service, please contact Fran at:

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